Love+ English 劇本\中班劇本The Gold Bag and the Silver Bag

The Gold Bag and the Silver Bag


Scene I

Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Sawyer. Sawyer and his parents live in a small village.  


 (Mom is making breakfast and Dad is cutting wood.)


  Mom: Wake up, Sawyer. Wake up, Sawyer.

  Sawyer: Mom, I am sleepy.  

  Mom: It’s your first day of school. Don’t be late.  

  Sawyer: ~~~  

  Dad: Wake up, Sawyer. Don’t be lazy.  

 (Dad shouts loudly.)

  Sawyer: Yes, Dad!  



Scene II

  Mom: It’s time to go to school. Take your toast and get your bag.  

  Sawyer: Good-bye Dad. Good-bye Mom.  


Narrator: When Sawyer walks on the road, he sees a little rabbit weakly sitting under the tree.


  Rabbit: Oh ~~~ oh ~~~ 

  Sawyer: Are you okay?   

  Rabbit: I am hungry.

  Sawyer: Toast?  

  Rabbit: No, thank you.  

(Here comes a vendor.)

  Vendor: Carrots ~ Yummy carrots!  

  Rabbit: I am hungry.   

  Sawyer: I want to help the rabbit. May I have some carrots?

   Vendor: 20 dollars.   

   Sawyer: Sorry, I have no money.  

   Vendor: No money, no carrots.   

   Sawyer: May I trade my toast for your carrot?  

   Vendor: Deal.   


Narrator: The vendor gets the toast from Sawyer and gives him the carrot. The vendor walks away. And then, Sawyer gives the carrot to the rabbit.

  Sawyer: It’s for you.   

  Rabbit: Thank you. You are so kind. Here is an apple for you.  


Narrator: The rabbit gives him the apple under the tree and jumps away. Then Sawyer keeps walking to school.  




Scene III

 (There are three monkeys eating bananas happily.) 

  Monkey1: I like bananas.   

  Monkey2+Monkey3: We like bananas.


Narrator: They throw the banana peels everywhere. Sawyer steps on the peels on his way to school and falls down.

  Sawyer: Ahh~~~~  

Narrator: He drops his bag into the lake.


  Money1, 2, 3 : Ha Ha Ha ~

(The monkeys laugh at him.)

  Sawyer: It’s dirty and dangerous.  

  Mokey1, 2, 3: We are sorry!

(They pick up the peels.)

  Sawyer: Well done.

(The monkeys leave and the vendor walks by slowly.)


  Sawyer: Where is my bookbag? Where is my bookbag?  

(The god of the lake appears.)

  God: Kid. May I help you?

  Sawyer: I lost my bag.

(The vendor sneaks up behind and listens to them talking.)   

  God: Is it yours? (Holding the gold bag.)

  Sawyer: No, it’s not mine.  

  God: Is it yours? (Holding the silver bag.)

  Sawyer: No, it’ not mine.  

  God: Is it yours? (Holding Sawyer’s bag.)

  Sawyer: Yes, it is mine. Thank you.  

  God: You are very honest and you can keep all of them.

  Sawyer: Thanks. But I just want my bag. Good-bye.

  God: Good boy. (Sawyer walks away and the god disappears.)


  Vendor: Ha Ha Ha ~~~~ I am lucky. Money. Money. Here I come.

(The vendor throws the toast into the lake.)

  Vendor: ~~~ No response.

( He picks up a big rock and throws it into the lake.)

  God: AH~~~~~~~

  God: May I help you?

(The God appears with bandages on his head.)

  Vendor: Yes! Yes! Yes!

  God: Is it yours? (Holding the toast.)

  Vendor: No, it’s not mine.

  God: Is it yours? (Holding a pair of slippers.)

  Vendor: No, it’s not mine. It’s big.

  God: OK! OK! Is it yours? (Holding a gold rock.)

  Vendor: Yes, it is.

  God: OK! OK! Here you are.

(The god gives the gold rock to the vendor.)

  Vendor: It is a lot of gold. Ha Ha Ha…. 


Narrator: The vendors moves the rock happily but slowly. Finally, he can’t move it anymore because he is too hungry to do it.


(Bell rings.)  

Narrator: Time to go home. Sawyer sees the vendor lying on the gold rock.


  Sawyer: Are you okay?  

  Vendor: I am so hungry. Can you help me?

  Sawyer: I have an apple.

(Take the apple from his bag and give it to the vendor.)

  Vendor: Thank you. You are a good boy. I should be honest and kind.