Love+ English 劇本\大班劇本 The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling

Scene I

Narrator: Once upon a time, a mother duck stood by her nest, watching her ducklings hatch. One of them looked a little different from all the rest. He was big and ugly. Mother named him Sig.  

Mother: Dear, are you strong?  

Ducklings: Yes, we are.  

Sig: I like competitions. I am the strongest.  

Ducklings: ……Yes, you are.  

Sister: It’ hot. Let’s have a swimming race.  

Sig: I am strong and I can swim fast. 

Ducklings: Really?

Sig: Let’s race.    

Sig: See, I am the winner! Ha, ha, ha!   

Sig: Let’s play ball, shall we?  

Ducklings: You are strong. We don’t like to play with you.

Mother: Dear, I’ll get something for you. Be nice and play happily.   

Ducklings: Yes, Mother.

Brother: You are strong, but you are ugly.

Ducklings: Sig, you are ugly.  

Brother: You are ugly. You don’t belong here.  

Ducklings: Go away. Go away.  

Sig: …..It’s okay. I am strong and I can go anywhere.


    Scene II

Narrator: Sig walks in the forest and he meets a giraffe.  

Sig: I am tall and strong.

Giraffe: No kidding? You are tall and strong?  

Sig: Yes, I am the tallest and strongest in my family. I can run the fastest.

Giraffe: Ha, ha, ha. Let’s have a race.  

Sig: Okay.

Giraffe: Ha, ha, ha. I am the winner! Good-bye.  

Sig: I have never lost.   

Narrator: After that, Sig feels sad. He sees a hamster eating vegetables.  

Sig: Ha, ha, ha. You are so small.

Hamster: Yes, I am small.

Sig: I am hungry. Give me your food.  

Hamster: No!

Sig: Quickly! Give me your food.  

Hamster: No~~~~  

Sig: ….. Nobody likes me! Nobody likes me!               



Scene III

Narrator: Sig feels sad and he walks home without knowing.

( He sees his brothers and sisters swim in the river happily. )

Sig: Can I join you?  

Ducklings: Sig, go away. You are ugly.  

Sig: … (A hunter comes in.)

Hunter: I heard some noise.  

Hunter: I see ducks. I can make ginger duck!  

Ducklings: Playing in the water is fun.  

Hunter: Ha, ha, ha! A lot of ducklings!

Narrator: The hunter throws the net and catches all the ducklings. 



Ducklings: Help! Help! Help!  

Hunter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! Ten ducklings!  

Sig: I must help my brothers and sisters. Go away, bad hunter!

Narrator: Sig makes the hunter go away and helps his brothers and sisters get out of the net.  

Brother: Thank you. You are so nice.  

Sister: Sig, you are strong and brave.

Sig: Brothers and sisters, I am sorry. I should be humble and nice to you.  

Brother: Sorry, Sig. Appearance is not important.   

(After that, Mother Duck comes back.)

Mom: What happened?  

Sister: Mom, Sig, saved us.  

Brother: Mom, Sig is brave.

Sig: Mom, I should be humble.  

Mom: You are all my good kids. We are family.

All: Yes, we are family forever.