Love+ English 劇本\小班劇本The Red Shoes

The Red Shoes


Narrator: There is a ball at the palace every month. A little girl really wants to go so she asks her mom to buy her a new dress and a pair of shoes. Her mom is sick and can’t see clearly…

Little girl: Mom, look at these. A new dress and a pair of shoes. Wow! They are so pretty.                                                                                                                                                Mom: What color is the dress?

Little girl: It’s purple.

Mom: Does purple look good on you?

Little girl: Yes, purple is my color.

Narrator: The little girl tries on the dress. 

Mom: What color are the shoes?

Little girl: They’re red.

Mom: Do the red shoes look good on you?

Little girl: Yes, red is my color.

Scene II

Narrator: The ball is tonight, but the little girl’s mom is sick.

Little girl: I want to go to the party. But my mom is sick. (She looks at her mom)

Now my mom is sleeping. I can go to the party.

Narrator: The little girl puts on her new clothes and goes to the party.

Scene III

Boys: Little girl, little girl, go away. You’re not our good friend.

Little girl: Why doesn’t anybody like me?

Boys and girls: You are not a good baby. You don’t love your mommy.

Little girl: Sorry! It’s my fault. I’ll be good. I’ll take care of my mom.

Narrator: The little girl’s mom is getting better because the little girl takes really good care of her. A month later, the girl goes to the ball again and this time everyone welcomes her at the party.

Everybody: We are good babies. Because we love our mommies.